May I introduce….


Pleased to Meet You

It is great when I find new people making things in America, new people writing about things made in America and new people selling things made in America.  So I wanted to let you know about a bunch of people who fall into one of those three categories.

People making things in America

Mohop shoes:  Wacky sandals made by members of our extended American family.

Amflag: Every flag you could want, all made in Memphis!

Gustin Men’s wear:  Nice clothing made in the city by the bay.

Blue Delta Jeans

Moore Boxers:  Free shipping, nice!

People writing about things made in America

Made & Worn

USA Made On Sale:  If you are looking for goods made by members of our extended American family at a bargain price, this is the blog for you.

Firecracker:  A really great website to visit.

We Shop American:

People selling things made in America

USA with Love

50 Roots

Totally USA Made

Oh Say USA

American Station

American Made Everything

Please check out all these wonderful people.  We can help rebuild the American middle class by buying products made by members of our extended American family.

Now get shopping!

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How timely!


I have done a few posts on watches made by members of our extended American family in the past, but I came across a great American watch post by Sarah Mazzone of Made in the USA challenge I would urge to you consult if you are in need of a new timepiece!

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Celebrate your local makers!


The folks pictured above work at Seattle’s best bike shop, R&E Cycles.  Dan Towle has owned Rodriguez Bicycles (R+E Cycles) since 1993.  Dan and his crew have been making amazing bikes on the “Ave” in Seattle for decades.  I thought of Dan today when I read a nice blog post from the New York Times about three fellas from New York City who created a very slick ecommerce site called MadeClose which features about 100 products made by members of our extended American family, mostly in New York.  At least one of MadeClose’s featured products is made in Seattle; Ample make very cool furniture and lamps in my home town.

ample table

I am going to reach out to the MadeClose trio and see if I can help them set up a Seattle outpost.  Recently, I have approached the people at King 5 television here in Seattle with the idea of doing a “Made in Seattle” episode of New Day Northwest.  I already have reached out to three Seattle manufacturers, including Dan at R&E, and hope that King 5 will let us show the people of Seattle the amazing products being made in our beautiful, vibrant city.  I will keep you posted on whether my “Made in Seattle” 15 minutes of fame comes to pass.

Please tell me about manufacturing firms in your neck of the woods that you would love to crow about.  Leave me a comment about your favorite consumer products that are made close to you.  I will do a post on as many as I can.  Remember, by buying the products that our American brothers and sisters are making, we are helping them to live the middle class dream that has always made America great.

So get shopping for American products!


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A few things in no particular order


Here are some “Made in America” stories, resources, and websites that I wanted to share with you.

Alabama Chanin

My always amazing sister Amanda is always on the look out for me for cool American made brands.  She sent me a link to a great video about Natalie Chanin and her clothing brand Alabama Chanin.  I urge you to watch the video, then go to Natalie’s website to check out her amazing clothing manufactured in Florence, Alabama

Buying American is getting easier!

There are a bunch of Made in America sites hitting the scene.  Some just promote American made goods: 50 Built, Made in America Co.,   Others are ecommerce sites like TotallyUSAMade.

The enemy is at the gates, but it may be ok

Foxconn, who makes most of Apple’s stuff in China, may soon be hiring members of our extended American family to build LCD tvs and display screens for Tesla cars.  Given the large size of bigger LCD tvs, Foxconn is said to be about to set factories on both coasts.  And Tesla and Foxconn have already decided to partner in order to allow Tesla to use Foxconn auto displays.


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This Built America


I came across a cool website recently that Ford put together.  It’s called This Built America, and it features stories about Americans making great products we all can buy to support members of our extended American family.

In the coming weeks on the blog, I will be featuring stories about Americans who have put their hopes and energy into creating products and stories about Americans who are making those products.  I have done a few posts like this in the past, but I will be providing a steady diet of American stories that I hope you will enjoy.

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Today is the first of the two World Cup semis, and I will be rooting whole heartedly for the Germans.  As you can see from the three stars on Bastian Schweinsteiger’s jersey, Die Mannschaft have won the World Cup three times (1954, 1974 and 1990).  My money is on them to win it all again this week after they dispatch Brazil this afternoon.  It would help if Schweini could slot home a goal or two.


Aside from producing amazing soccer players, German also makes amazing cars.  And some of the most amazing German cars are made by members of our extended American family in Greer, South Carolina.  All BMW X series cars are manufactured in Greer.  X3s, X5s and X6s are made in Greer and BMW just announced plans to invest $1 billion in the Greer plant and produce two new X series cars: the bigger X7 and the midsized X4.  This expansion will create 800 more jobs at the Greer plant, brining total employment to 8,800.  I like the sound of that.  800 new jobs for Americans who want the opportunity to work to support their families.

BMW has been making their SUVs in South Carolina for twenty years.  According to the article linked above, BMW workers at the Greer plant produced 300,000 X series vehicles last year, and after the expansion, they will make 450,000 vehicles a year by 2016.  By that time, Greer will be BMW’s largest plant anywhere on the globe.  More than 2.6 million X series vehicles have rolled off the Greer assembly line in the past two decades.  A University of South Carolina study found BMW and its suppliers are directly responsible for more than 30,000 jobs in the state, or more than 1 percent of South Carolina’s total workforce.

So do your part.  If you are in the market for an SUV, consider the X series vehicles.  Want something smaller?  The X3 is for you.


If you have more kiddos or dogs, the X5 is probably the car for you.


But if you want the coolest SUV on the road, splurge and get an X6.  Wow, that is a nice ride.


So no matter which X series BMW you buy, you will know two things.  First, you are getting an amazing vehicle.  Second, that vehicle was built by members of our extended American family working in Greer, South Carolina and their lives will be directly benefitted by your choice to buy an X series car.  So right after the game today, head out to your nearest BMW dealership and snap up an X series SUV of your choice.  And yes, as you drive it off the lot, you have my permission to open the window and scream:






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Just in time for the Fourth of July!


There are a lot of great people out there working to put Americans to work by encouraging us to buy products made by member of our extended American family.  Guys like Jack A., Todd Lipscomb and Don Buckner.  Gals like Sarah Mazzone, Sarah Wagner and Amy.  Well I came across a great contest currently being run by Made in America MovementMAM’s contest concerns that most American of concerns, BBQ.  You only have until June 24th to enter, so do not dilly dally.  I have done a few posts on BBQ before, but I was delighted to see that several American manufacturing firms that are sponsors of MAM’s contest were new to me.  Here are three that are definitely worth getting to know.

Ohio Flame

Ohio Flame makes all sorts of things you need for outdoor fires and outdoor cooking.  I really like their Patriot Fire Pit,


their lunar fire bowl,

ohio flame lunar fire bowl

and their fireplace tongs.

Ohio flame tongs

Case Knives

I have done a few posts on knives, but I hadn’t heard of Case knives until today.  Which proves I am no genius since the Case brothers have been making fine knives in Bradford, Pennsylvania since 1889.  Today, Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world-famous Zippo® windproof lighter, which is also based in Bradford.

Case makes all sorts of very cool knives.  I think I am going to have to get one of their pocket knives.


Case knives for the kitchen look really durable and have great wooden handles.  The Case Block with six knives and a steel looks like it would fit the bill.

case seven knife block

Icehole Coolers

icehole cooler

Nothing is more essential to a good BBQ than sufficient numbers of frosty beverages  In order to ensure they stay frosty, you need an Icehold Cooler.  Man this thing looks indestructible.  Icehole coolers are made in Kerrville, Texas by an American business that for over 35 years has been supplying the U.S. Military with products and accessories for a broad array of combat vehicles and equipment. So they put the knowhow they gained from supplying products to our military into making the best cooler on the market.  All the components in your Icehold cooler are made by members of our extended American family.  So the next time you and a few of your friends hop in your vehicle of choice for a weekend outing,



make sure you don’t forget your Icehole cooler.

So time is running short.  Enter MAM’s contest today.  You might win.  But even if you don’t win, you can still make this Independence Day live up to its name.  When you are out buying products for your Fourth of July party, make sure they are made by members of our extended American family.  With your purchases of American made goods, you will be declaring your independence from our huge trade deficit, from a further loss of manufacturing jobs and from a reliance on products that might actually harm you, your family or your friends.

So get shopping!


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