This news is shocking!

I love good news.  Of course I have good news in my life every day.  But today I came across some good news for our entire extended American family.  The Washington Post reported that General Electric Co. plans to hire 5,000 veterans over the next five years.  If anyone deserves a job in this country, it’s our veterans.  GE’s “Hiring Our Heroes” partnership will help match veterans with jobs with the firm; GE already employs more than 10,000 veterans.

GE is a global company and I wish they would reshore more of their production to this country, but, you have to give credit where credit is due and G.E seems to be earnestly trying to create new manufacturing jobs in this country; GE is set to open plants in Ellisville, Miss., Auburn, Ala., and Dayton, Ohio, next year.  According to the Post article, GE said that the new plants are part of its efforts to create or rebuild 16 facilities and more than 12,000 new jobs. The company started production on its first new appliance line in more than 50 years last week at Appliance Park in Louisville, Ky.

The other part of the story I found encouraging is GE’s effort to help match new American workers with jobs at GE.  The need to reform our educational system so that it better matches young Americans with promising job opportunities is perhaps one of the most important challenges facing this country in the next decade in my opinion.  GE seems to understand this challenge since they plan to open manufacturing training centers in locations such as Houston and Cincinnati to help GE employees build their job skills.  GE also hopes to double its number of engineering interns to more than 5,000; this is good news since 80 percent of GE’s 19,000 full-time engineers have been hired from the internship program.

So what can you do?  Buy appliances made in this country rather than appliances made abroad.  If you are shopping for a washer and there is a GE model made in Kentucky and a GE model made in China, buy the Kentucky washer.  Then call or write GE and tell them that you bought their Kentucky washer because it was made by members of your extended American family.  You have more influence than you realize.  Vote with your wallet.  Just make sure you retrieve your wallet before leaving the store after casting your vote for products made in this country!


About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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  1. It is very good news that GE is bringing back some manufacturing jobs to the U.S. However, the American Alliance of Manufacturing in their 2/16/12 update has noted that this has not stopped General Electric from continued outsourcing to China, especially in the field of radiology and Avionics. It is nice to bring jobs back, but you are undermining your good intentions by sending even more jobs out of the country. -Jack A.

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