Old school

A few weeks back, a reader told me about the Faribault Woolen Mill Company.  I went to their website and was really impressed.  Faribault makes all things woolen: wool blankets, wool throws and wool scarves.  The Faribault Woolen Mill Company was founded in the last year of the Civil War in Faribault, Minnesota.  Its woolen blankets kept settlers and U.S. troops in both World Wars warm and toasty.  The Faribault Woolen Mill Co. harnessed the Cannon River over the years to power its machines and wash its wool.  Faribault has a storied history, but just three years ago, the firm looked as if it had weaved its last woolen blanket.  Thankfully, last year  Faribault was brought back from the brink and is once again weaving wonderful woolen products.

Faribault is a fully vertically integrated firm, controlling all operations necessary to produce its world-class woolen products.  Their revival stripe woolen blankets are striking.

 I also have my eye on one of their trapper woolen scarves.

 But I think the blanket I really need is the one depicted below.

How about you?  Which Faribault Woolen Mill blanket are you going to buy?


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I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make.
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