Lights, camera, action!

I am very pleased and excited to announce the first video I have ever put up on YouTube.  The video features the amazing people at McKinnon Furniture here in Seattle.  You can watch as they construct a one of a kind hand-made piece of furniture.  Thanks to Sheila McKinnon, Theresa Schneider and all the wonderful members of the McKinnon Furniture family for letting me make this video.  And a special thanks to Jonathan Ishii, my friend and video expert who shot, edited and created this video.  Also thanks to Michael Hepburn who did the music on the video.  I hope you like it.


About tapirking

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make.
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One Response to Lights, camera, action!

  1. There sure is a lot of machinery that goes into making of furniture. Great video, very professionally done, looks like it was a lot of work. Good job. -Jack A

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