Oh boy!

You have to hand it to the Chinese, they are no dummies.  China is the largest car manufacturer in the world.  But most people have never heard of any of the Chinese brands.  I haven’t seen too many Great Wall Hoovers or Geely HQs racing down the streets of Seattle.

But the Chinese have started introducing their cars into first world countries.

Boryanda Dzhambozova of the New York Times reported earlier this year that Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors has begun assembling cars in of all places, Bulgaria.  Bulgaria was chosen, as opposed to some other possible European car assembly country such as Germany, because Bulgaria is “the poorest member of the European Union, offers low production costs, cheap labor and a flat tax rate of 10 percent, the lowest in the Union. Assembled in an E.U. member state, Chinese cars can enter the European market without paying customs levies.”  Pretty smart of the great car makers of the Middle Kingdom!

Are we going to be seeing any Great Wall Motors cars being made in the U.S. anytime soon?  Who knows?  But if they do decide to assemble cars here, there are a few names they should probably avoid.

1. The Great Leap Forward coupe

2. The Cultural Revolution SUV

3. The Tiananmen Square crossover

How would you feel about buying a Chinese made car?  Let me know what you think if you have a minute.


About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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6 Responses to Oh boy!

  1. Pete from Baltimore says:

    Im guessing that there is another reason for building cars in Bulgaria. Im guessing that Great Wall isnt going to try for the American or Canadian market[ at least not anytime soon].Or the Western or Central European market. But by making cars in Bulgaria, they might be trying to sell cars in places like Moldavia,Romania,Bulgaria,Turkey,ect. And the North African and East African market isnt too far away either.

  2. helga says:

    I have a company advocating for products made in America–so I’m not excited to hear the Chinese wanting to assemble their product here. Having said that, if this puts Americans to work (including management positions, not just minimum wage jobs) I’m ok with it….I don’t see that happening however…where is the upside for the Chinese? I doubt they would sell may cars in North America.

  3. helga says:

    John Briggs;
    I’d love to interview you and hear more about your upcoming book.

    • tapirking says:

      Helga: I would love to speak with you and let you know about my book and other things I am working on to create jobs for Americans. My email address is simplyamericanbriggs@gmail.com. Send me an email regarding when we could talk. I am making a trip to the midwest within the next two weeks to visit five great manufacturers who are making great products all Americans should be buying. Look forward to speaking with you soon.

      All the best,

      John Briggs

  4. I think the Chinese cars may already about here. The CODA electric car partly made in China is for sale here since last year and I believe some Chinese made Hondas are for sale in Canada. If Chinese automakers want to sell their cars here, they will need to make their automobile plants here in the USA like we made Japan do in the 1980s, South Koreans Hyundai also make some of their cars in the US.
    Regarding cars sold in China, one of their top sellers in China are the GM Buicks, however, those Buicks are all made in China. The Chinese, for the most part, still like to be patriotic and buy Chinese. Too bad that sentiment doesn’t rub off on Americans. -Jack A

  5. insuranceftw says:

    We actually have quite a few Great Walls SUV’s here where I am from (eastern europe), – they are cheaper to buy. Their look is really ugly though, they also get deprecated real fast, a 3-year old Great Wall will be like 30% cheaper than the new one. I wish that happened to BMW X5 =)

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