Is there anything Glenn Beck can’t do?

Glenn Beck apparently had a “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” moment the other day.  According to a post on the Today Show blog, Glenn’s principles compelled him to introduce his own line of U.S. made jeans.  “Just how serious is Glenn Beck about helping America get back to its manufacturing roots?  This serious: The former FOX News host just launched his own USA-made, boutique jeans line, 1791 Denim, named in honor of the year the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.”  I was intrigued.

What prompted Glenn to undertake his herculean manufacturing effort?  Well it seems Glenn didn’t like Levi’s’ “Go Forth” commercial for their jeans.  Glenn determined that the ad was inspired by the Occupy movement.  So Glenn sprung into action.  First, Glenn discarded his own Levi’s.  Then, probably clad only in his boxers, Glenn decided to make his “very own, non-Occupy-supporting” jeans.  In an effort to not waste much of his very valuable time, Glenn just decided to have his 1791 jeans made by Cone Denim, the same U.S. denim mill that also happens to produce Levi’s’ Made in USA jeans.  So you can buy Levi’s’ Made in USA jeans made by Cone Denim or you can buy Glenn’s 1791 jeans made by Cone Denim.  I am somewhat confused how buying a pair of Cone jeans with a 1791 label on the back as opposed to buying a pair of Cone jeans with a Levi’s’ label on the back is “helping America get back to its manufacturing roots”, but I never did that well in school.

One thing going for Glenn’s 1791 jeans is that they will cost you $49 less than Levi’s’ Made in the USA jeans.  Glenn’s jeans retail for $129.99.  According to Glenn, “That’s as cheap as I can make them.”  It made me sad to think that you and I couldn’t buy a pair of American made jeans for less than $129.99.  But then I remembered that I had done a post on American jeans.  I went back to that post and discovered that there actually are three or four companies making jeans in the states for under 50 bucks.

Then I began to feel sorry for Glenn because he could have saved himself a lot of effort if only he had read my post on jeans!  Rather than going to all the trouble of having the Cone Company make his $129.99 jeans, Glenn could have just grabbed the mike during his radio show and screamed, “Fuck Levi’s and their occupy inspired jeans ad!  Buy jeans from companies that wouldn’t dream of airing an occupy inspired ad!  Buy Buddy Jeans!  Buy Pointer Jeans!  Buy Texas Jeans!  These wonderful companies make jeans on our shores with U.S. fabric for a third of the price of Levi’s’ U.S. made jeans.  Buy them and show Levi’s how airing occupy inspired ads can impact a company’s bottom line!”

Well, I suppose there is no point in crying over spilt denim.  And in fact Glenn’s jeans have been selling like hotcakes.  And those jeans are made by members of our extended family that work at Cone Denim.  While Glenn’s jeans are a bit rich for my blood, I will be picking up a pair of Pointer and Buddy jeans in the next few weeks.  So if you make the kinda lolly that old Glenn pulls down, buy some Cone Denim jeans.  Which label you want on the back of the jeans is up to you.  If you still working on your first million, join me in buying a $50 pair of U.S. made jeans.  All of those purchases will help to provide work for members of our extended American family.  We can all be job creators, regardless of what style of jeans we purchase!  Now get shopping!


About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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