Please Santa, Please!

American made Mac

The Christmas gift giving season is upon us in earnest, and the second gift in the Simply American Top Ten American gifts for 2012 is the Apple 2012 iMac.  But not just any iMac mind you.  Apple’s Oracles have chosen up til now to have their products assembled in the Middle Kingdom, utilizing that caring employer Foxconn to crank out iPhones, iPads and iMacs.  But recently, Apple’s Tim Cook has been talking about reshoring some of Apple’s production back to the U.S.  I couldn’t be happier.

Once the main stream media got wind of Cook’s plans, there really was a feeding frenzy.  NBC News’ Brian Williams interviewed Cook on the subject and during the interview, Cook announced a $100 million by investment by Apple in the American manufacturing of iMac computers.  The story was featured by the,,, the Atlantic, and the Wall Street Journal.


While some are already poo pooing Apple’s move to assemble some iMacs in this country, I applaud it.  I am not sure why Apple decided to reshore some of their component assembly back to the U.S., but I think you and I should do everything we can do to support it.  So if you were planning on giving an iMac to someone in your family, get down to the Apple store, saddle up to one of the many young tech savy employees working at the store, and tell them you want to buy an iMac for your (fill in the appropriate gift recipient in your family) but you want to make sure that the iMac you are purchasing is assembled in the U.S.

If they don’t believe Apple assembles any iMacs in the U.S., just show them this blog post.  If they attempt to sell you an iMac assembled in China, politely stand your ground.  Don’t get stroppy, just pleasantly state that it is very important to you that the iMac you buy is made by members of our extended American family.  I feel that it is very important to have products made on these shores in order to provide employment for our brothers and sisters who are still without a job.  I believe that the majority of Americans also feel that way.  If we make it clear to manufacturers like Apple that we want to buy products made by other Americans, we can create millions of jobs and transform the lives of members of our extended American family.  I know it’s not rocket science, but it is still an important thing to do in my book.

Now get shopping!


About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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  1. Good points. The iMacs are assembled here but not the iPhones which are much more numerous, Nor are the iPads. It is funny that Tim Cook is concerned about the lack of skills that are available in the U.S. In seems like that was not much of a concern when they first started assemblying and manufacturing prodcuts in China. What they did is they had their US employees teach all the Chinese workers. It might be a paradox, but it might need to be reversed – the Chinese teaching American workers the tools of the trade. -Jack A.

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