Va Va Va Voom!


I am currently driving a somewhat ancient Honda Accord.  I love my Accord, in part because it was Made in the USA.  But if come upon a handy pot of gold, I might consider trading it in on the a new Acura NSX.  And I would sleep soundly knowing that members of our extended American family would have built my new NSX.

At this year’s North American Auto Show in Detroit, Hidenobu Iwata, president & CEO of Honda of America announced that the new NSX would be built at Honda’s plant in Ohio. This is great news if you ask me, even though I don’t expect a boat load of NSXs to go flying off the nation’s car lots; with a base price of $130,000 only a select few will be able to get their mitts on an NSX.  If there is anyone reading my blog that is hankering to get me a present for my upcoming birthday, an NSX would really be appreciated.  And I don’t even mind waiting until it rolls off the line in Marysville, Ohio in 2015.  That’s just the kind of patient guy I am.


About tapirking

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make.
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2 Responses to Va Va Va Voom!

  1. oeuil2012 says:

    Honda rocks

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