Igloo, purveyor of American cold



This summer, my son Ben and I have been doing loads of hiking. Ben is a student at Western Washington University located in Bellingham and has been living up in Bellingham this summer prior to his senior year at Western.  We decided that this summer we wanted to hike in the North Cascades National Park, which is southeast of Bellingham. So we have been hiking a lot this summer.  Our first hike was to Blue Lake off the North Cascades Highway.

blue lake

We saw a family of these guys up above the lake.


Next we drove to the end of the Mount Baker Highway and hiked up the Table Mountain Trail.


Last week, we hiked the Park Butte trail off the North Cascades Highway and it was absolutely spectacular.

Park Butte lake


All these hikes share a few characteristics.  First, they are all in my home State of Washington. Second, I had the great pleasure of being able to enjoy them with my amazing son Benjamin. And third, by the time we got back to the car at the end of the hike, I was so thirsty that I was considering drinking my own urine.  Luckily, I didn’t have to engage in that disgusting task because when we arrived at the car, we were greeted by icy cold beverages.  How you ask did we have access to icy cold beverages since the interior temperature of our car and trunk exceeded the temperature on the surface of the sun?  Our beverages were icy cold because they were tucked inside our Igloo MAXCOLD PLAYMATE ELITE at Target for less than fifteen bucks.

Igloo Playmate Maxcold

Our Igloo Playmate Elite cooler holds 30 cans of pop, is very rugged and is easy to open and close.  Best of all, our Igloo cooler is manufactured by members of our extended American family in Waller County, Texas!  So if you need some cold beverages on a warm day this summer, look no further than Igloo.  You will benefit from cold beverages on a hot day and the American workers at the Igloo manufacturing facility in Texas will benefit from a job that allows them to support themselves, their families and their community.

Now get shopping!






About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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