Sunday Night Football loves Made in America!


I don’t know about you, but my favorite NFL game of the week is always NBC’s Sunday Night Football with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.  Visually it is amazing and I like the repartee between Collinsworth and Michaels.  I am not alone in my opinion on this.  But aside from the program’s amazing production values, there is another feature of NBC Sunday Night Football I really love: their consistent focus on American firms making great stuff that Americans like you and I can purchase.  And by purchasing American products, you and I can provide jobs for members of our extended American family.

A couple of Sundays ago, Al and Cris visited Buffalo to broadcast the Bills – Jets game.  The Bills play at New Era Field.  New Era Cap Company purchased the naming rights for the Bill’s stadium last summer.  Not surprisingly, New Era’s amazing caps were featured during the broadcast; shots of local craftspeople sewing the caps were great to see.


What today is New Era was founded in 1920 by German immigrant Ehrhard Koch as e. Koch Cap Co.  Ehrhard got his hat company started by borrowing $5000 from his aunt.  Koch began making caps on the third floor of 1830 Genesee Street, on the corner of Bailey Ave. in Buffalo, N.Y.  Koch’s first 14 employees including Ehrhardt’s sister Rose. Ehrhardt’s son, Harold, and Rose’s son Wally Domas, soon started working there well before graduating from high school. In 1920, the company produced 60,000 caps.  In 1922, Koch renamed his company New Era caps.  Wikipedia has an amazing history on the firm.

Every MLB player wears a New Era cap.  Growing up in California, there was only one New Era cap I would ever be caught wearing.


These days my favored New Era cap is different.


But of course there is one New Era cap I wouldn’t wear even if you gave me one for free.


Every player in the Nippon Professional Baseball league also sports a New Era cap.  Hanshin Tigers cap anyone?


New Era makes great NHL caps that surely would have pleased Bobby Hull,


Bobby Orr,


Gordie Howe,


or Ken Dryden.



A couple of years ago, New Era became the official on-field cap provider for the National Football League.  My New Era NFL lid of choice is obvious.


What’s that emblem on the right side of the New Era Seahawks cap?  Oh yeah, that’s a depiction of the Super Bowl Trophy we won two years ago.  

If you are in the market for a great hat made by Americans in Buffalo, look no further than New Era.  New Era has really lived out its early motto:“Quality First, Quantity Will Follow.”

The other Buffalo manufacturing firm that was featured on NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast a few weeks back was Super Chexx.  Super Chexx make the most amazing table hockey games.

super-chexxThe folks at Super Chexx can allow you to customize your table hockey set to your heart’s content.  Are the Leafs your team of choice?  No problem


Can’t get enough of the Habs/Bruins rivalry?  Super Chexx has got you covered.


So if you want to be the most popular family in your neighborhood, just order up a Super Chexx table hockey unit.  Just make sure you have plenty of refreshments on hand for the hordes of hockey fans that will soon begin showing up at your door.


The NBC Sunday Night Football game this week matches my 4-1 Seattle Seahawks against the 3-3 Arizona Cardinals in Arizona.  I am expecting a win, but regardless it should be a good game.  I wonder what Arizona products Al and Cris might feature this week.  Maybe bags from the Lifetime Leather Company.


Or one of the myriad of other great products made in Arizona and featured on Jim and Laura Hofman’s Arizona page from their great website, State Gifts USA.  So let’s hope for a great game between the Seahawks and the Cardinals, and try to figure out what Al and Kris will get up to during the game.


Hopefully nothing like that.







About John Briggs

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at
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  1. New ERA does make the official caps for Major League Baseball. The genuine ones that the ballplayers wear are made in the USA. However, most of New ERA are imported so it is important to make sure your New ERA cap is made in the USA – check the label. Great Article. Jack A

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